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20' Shipping / Storage Container + delivery [2835]

Container Type: 20' Dry box container

20' Dry box container weight and dimensions

External Dimensions: 20'(l) x 8'(w) x 8'6"(h)
Door Opening Dimensions: 7'8"(w) x 7'7"(h)
Empty Weight: 4,600 lbs

Offer Details

Container Type: 20' Dry box container / DEMO
Location: Henderson / CO , 80640, United States
Available Units: 1
Condition: Cargo Worthy
Storage Days Included: 10
US $ 2800

Listing Description

20' shipping/storage container currently located in Denver, CO. This container came into Denver with freight, so it's in solid condition and can still be used for shipping.

If you need a portable storage unit for your ranch, farm, commercial or residential property, or any other use, this is a great used container to start with.

There are several containers coming in/out of Denver now, so the picture is one of the same age/condition but may not be the exact container.

Please contact me with any questions.

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Ryan Herr (GM)
London / United Kingdom
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