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How to Buy a Shipping Container makes it easy to compare options and buy shipping containers online. The sellers on our marketplace provide 20', 40', high cube, and just about every other size of new or used shipping container available on the market; if you can't find what you're looking for just complete a container request form for your area and we'll put you in touch with a local expert to help find the container that best meets your needs.

1. Search for Shipping Containers by Type and Location

The first step in buying a shipping container is searching for one that meets both your geographic location and the type of shipping container that you need. You can do this by either navigating the map, or selecting the type of container that you need from the search bar.

2. Register an Account on

If you don't have a registered account, you'll need to do this before you can ask questions about a listing, buy it, or place a bid. There's no obligation and no cost to register an account. You can set up an account on the registration page.

3. Ask Questions/Buy/Bid

Once you're logged to your account in you can start to interact with the seller and ask questions about a specific container listing, purchase a listing directly, or make a bid.

4. Remit Payment

Once you've purchased a shipping container, or won a container with the highest bid, you'll be emailed an invoice with payment instructions. Invoices are sent out once daily, at 12:00GMT, and the invoice will either come from, Inc., or from the seller. Payments are normally made by bank transfer or deposit, and some sellers accept checks, PayPal, or credit cards (typically there is a service charge for paying by credit card or PayPal).

5. Schedule Delivery or Pick-up Your Container

If you have purchased the container from a retail dealer, they will work with you to arrange the delivery of your container. If the container was purchased from a wholesaler, once your payment is registered they will issue a release code. This release code is a unique number/letter combination that is also sent to the depot where the container is located. When you or your driver picks up the container they will need to provide the release code to the depot so that the correct container is released to you. For more help, we have several articles to assist with shipping container delivery.