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10 Cool Things to Do with Shipping Containers

06.03.2017 - Posted by Updated On 06.03.2017    

While a lot of people don't consider how much shipping containers impact their everyday lives, those of us involved with containers tend to see them everywhere (it's like when you buy a new car because no one else has one, then you start to see them everywhere), and realize that they have limitless potential during, and after their useful life.
During the first phase of a shipping containers life it spends much of its time on the sea carrying just about everything you can imagine from China to America or Europe, and back again with a different load of goods. Once the container reaches the end of this part of its life, it's often assigned a far more noble and creative purpose. While the ideas are endless, here are just a few that we've come across over the past few years

  1. Paint Ball Blockades: Paintball and airsoft are still growing in popularity throughout the United States. has sold used, “as is” shipping containers to be used as obstacles in paint ball courses.

  2. shipping containe paintball
  3. Pools: Want to build a pool, but the ground won't suit your needs? Try it with a shipping container.
    shipping container pool
  4. Hydroponic Farms: Whether you need to grow lettuce in the dessert, or marijuana in a secure hydroponic farm, shipping containers are regularly being converted into hydroponic farms.
  5. Platforms for Long Range Target Practice: Need a strong, protective structure to train long range shooting from? This one was sold to a two mile range.
    shipping container target
  6. Storage and Car/Truck Parking Bays: We've seen people manually build out a truss system that spans between two containers, but this is a prebuilt structure that can be installed quickly and taken down just as fast. Storage in one unit, a work shop in the other, and a parking bay in between (or one person built a patio and small garden). 
    shipping container garage
  7. Tailgate Party Containers: Beer comes in a can, why can't your entire tailgate?
    shipping container tail gate
  8. Portable Pizza Oven Truck: Again, beer comes in a can, why can't pizza?
  9. Extreme Wake Boarding Obstacles: Leave it to the guys at Red Bull, this one is just plain crazy!
  10. Build a Shopping Mall: Not surprising, shipping container shopping malls are popping up all over the place, from Las Vegas and California to London. This one is "Box Park", and based in the Shoreditch section of London.  
    shipping container shipping mall
  11. Modern Art Installations: Ever thing you'd see a shipping container converted into art? Probably not, but it does happen from time to time. If you visit the Jing'An Art Park in Shanghai China you can see this “fox on a box”.  
    shipping container art

Really, the ideas that people come up with are only limited by their imagination and creativity. Most people are given a task or obstacle and look for the most cost effective, easiest way to get the job done. In high labor cost areas where much of the work can be done off-site and trucked in, shipping containers as modular components make great solutions to many of the problems ahead of the project. doesn't perform any of the construction of these projects, but many of the sellers listed on the marketplace can either help with the construction, or they could know the people to get your project moving in the right direction. If you have any project related questions it is best to contact a seller in your area. If there are not active container listings in your area contact the office directly and they should be able to help you get started.

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