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20' and 40' cargo containers used for storage units

28.03.2021 - Posted by Updated On 11.07.2022    

If you&'re in need of a strong, secure storage unit, a used cargo container is a great place to start your search. No matter if you’re a commercial storage company or an individual in need of some extra space; the design of cargo container allows for quick conversion into a secure storage location.

Individual Storage Solution:  Finding a cheap, used shipping container to place on your property provides immediate space for your storage needs. As a single storage unit, cargo containers require very little modification. They come pre-equipped with strong locking doors, are wind and water tight, and have a secure steel shell that is designed to resist rust, corrosion, and weather even the harshest environments. In most circumstances, once can be purchased and dropped on your site in a matter of days.

Commercial Storage Solutions:  Commercial storage companies looking for creative ways to offer quick, affordable storage solutions have also deployed used cargo containers as a quick remedy when they need to expand to meet market demands.  Both 20' and 40' containers can be sectioned off internally creating internal storage units to meet virtually any desired size specification. The company can also add roll up doors to shipping containers and achieve the same result as having a building constructed from concrete or steel, with a fraction of the time and cost.

cheap shipping container has several great offers on shipping containers in Baltimore, Texas, California, as well as an inventory of used containers in Toronto and Montreal.  If you need a container that doesn't appear on the site, contact our office and one of our staff will be able to assist you in finding a cheap shipping container in your area.

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