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20' High Cube Shipping Containers

15.02.2016 - Posted by Updated On 16.02.2016    

20' shipping containers make great storage units for commercial and residential applications, so it only makes sense that 20' high cubes are even a little better for storage units, so why aren't they more popular? With secondary market users, like storage companies and residential users, they are frequently requested; however with shipping lines they are less popular, but why?

20' Standard Shipping Container Uses

20' shipping containers are 20' long, 8' wide, and 8'6" tall, they can carry around 55,000 lbs of total weight, depending on the specifications. Typically, 20' standard, or dry van, containers carry any sort of product you can imagine between destinations, commonly China and North/South America and Europe. The goods carried are normally palletized for ease of loading and unloading the container.

40' High Cube Container Uses

40' high cube shipping containers are, as expected, 40' long, 8' wide, and 9'6" tall. The extra foot in height means the container can carry a maximum weight of around 62,000 lbs, depending on the specifications they were manufactured to. Similar to 20' and 40' dry van containers, high cubes can also carry general palletized goods, but they more commonly carry large, bulky items such as furniture and tall, bulky, or oversized items.

20' High Cube Potential Uses

20' high cube containers are a special breed. The same length and width as a 20' dry van, 20' long and 8' wide, but they are 9'6" tall and can carry around 55,000 lbs; similar to a standard 20' container. Because of the extra height, and the restricted length, 20' high cubes really can't carry the amount of weight they need to become a cost effective means of shipping bulky items. So, while they are a good idea for the end user they really aren't an effective means of overseas shipping.

20' High Cube Container

Buying 20' High Cube Shipping Containers

If you need a 20' high cube container for your construction project, storage facility, or other use, we'd strongly recommend you look for suitable alternatives, as you could be chasing a unicorn. However, unlike unicorns they aren't impossible to find, just very difficult. If you must have a 20' high cube, and you have plenty of planning time and extra funds in your budget, you could contact a seller working with or specializing in new equipment and place an order directly with the factory. is an online marketplace and software platform for buying and selling new and used shipping containers of all sizes, all around the world. Our sellers are actively marketing available inventory throughout North America, and also have shipping containers available throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. To learn more about buying a shipping container in your area search for a shipping container in your area, and begin the process. If no container are available in your area you can increase the search radius, or complete the request form and an active seller or representative will contact you about your request.

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