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20’ Shipping / Storage Container Prices

21.01.2018 - Posted by Updated On 21.01.2018    

Anyone that's regularly involved with shipping containers, whether it's buying to selling, has noticed that the price of shipping containers, specifically 20' containers, has increased dramatically over the past few months. In some markets it's been more substantial than others. The question that we keep being asked is why, and when will the prices come back down?

Why the Price of Containers has Increased?

The price of shipping and storage containers has increased for a couple of different reasons. The first action that instigated the increase was when the Chinese government required that all containers be painted with water borne paint, as opposed to solvent based paint. This meant that the factories had to retool their lines to cope with longer drying times and a lengthier painting process. Because of this, many leasing companies and shipping lines lengthened the life of their containers beyond 10-12 years due to the slowdown in production. Many expected this production to be back to normal in the fall of 2017, but that hasn't happened. There are still production concerns going into the first quarter of 2018 so many shipping lines are keeping the containers they have, and picking up more from the leasing companies. Leaving us with the "we don't want to sell the container in the current market, but here's the price if we had to". 20' shipping container

When will Prices Come Back Down?

There are a lot of people waiting for shipping containers prices to come back down before they buy one, and many people have been waiting for nearly a year. Many experts had expected the market to correct itself by now, but with Chinese New Year starting next month there's a very good chance that prices won't come back down before the summer of 2018. Used shipping container prices aren't expected to increase much, if at all, between now and then, but it's highly unlikely that they'll come down. The supply of 20' shipping containers for sale is non-existent in many cities, and where they are available the prices are close to, or the same as, 40' shipping containers.

What Does this Mean to the End User?

If you need a shipping or storage container, buy one while the inventory is available. If you wait there's a good chance that the containers will sell and you'll be left waiting for weeks, or possibly even months before more containers show up. If the container is something that you're just considering and you can wait, even a few months, there's a 50/50 chance that prices will come down in the summer of 2018. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers throughout the United States and around the world. If you're in the market for a shipping container feel free to search in your area, or the largest major city near you. If no containers appear in the search, we invite you to complete the inquiry form and you'll be contacted by a seller in your area. If you have any general questions feel free to contact directly.

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