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2015 Updates Coming to

21.12.2014 - Posted by Updated On 21.12.2014    

2014 has been a great year at We've helped connect buyers and sellers with hundreds of new and used containers around the United States, North America, and a few countries in Europe and Africa. To build on our momentum, we've made a few enhancements to the website and trading platform that will kick off in 2015. These changes are designed to help buyers and sellers get the best containers, and the best possible price.

Buying and Bidding

To start, the buying and bidding function is being updated to accommodate buying a wider range of containers per order. Sellers can create a listing of any number of containers, and buyers can purchase or bid on any number of out that listing. For example, if a seller creates a listing with 25 containers, potential buyers can purchase or bid on 1-25 of the containers in that listing.

 "Make an Offer"

Containers can be bought and sold through the traditional marketplace function, but in some cases it's not always easy to determine the ideal market price for containers, and some buyers may offer a faster sale provided certain conditions. In these events, buyers can "make an offer" for the listing. If these feature is enabled the buyer will see the "make an offer" button underneath of the purchase button. buy shipping containers

Mobile Application

Mobile applications make life easier from every aspect of our lives - buying pizza to buying a plane ticket. Without going into too much detail, finding the perfect shipping container while you're on the go is about to get easier as well.

Commercial Software Services

Shipping lines and container leasing companies have unique needs, and we're gearing up to help them sell more containers, while managing the associated costs. is now providing its commercial trading platform as a white label service. Service packages range from basic software as a service agreements, to full service trading and application management. buy shipping containers

As we mentioned last week, we have a few lock boxes, shelving, and container vents remaining on sale for the rest of the 2014. When checking out, enter the promotional code HOLIDAYS2014 to receive a 20% discount on all purchases. This offer is only valid with existing inventory, while supplies last.

Since 2014, has specialized in remarking new and used shipping containers around the world. As an organization, we have built close relationships with some of the largest and strongest shipping lines and leasing companies around the world. No matter if you're buying, or selling shipping containers, our experienced team can help you expand your business and leverage market leading technology to manage sales and marketing costs.

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