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3 Tips for Shipping Container Delivery on a Tilt Bed Trailer

27.07.2014 - Posted by Updated On 27.07.2014    

Buying a shipping container for a commercial property with a forklift on site isn't a problem, however if you're a residential buyer or small business owner you may not have the ability to unload a shipping container with a fork lift or crane. If you fall into this scenario, you can still find a great deal on a shipping container you just need to have it delivered on a tilt bed trailer.

Having a new or used shipping container delivered on a tilt bed trailer requires a little more planning and preparation than having one delivered on a flat bed or container chassis. The primary reason being that once it's on the ground you probably don't have the ability to move it around to another place. The three main things to keep in mind when planning for a container delivery are space, location, and conditions.

Make Sure There's Enough Space

Having a shipping container delivered on a tilt bed truck requires more space then on a flat bed. With a flatbed trailer, the container is lifted off the trailer by a forklift or crane and the truck is free to drive away in any direction. Alternatively, when a container is delivered on a tilt bed trailer the truck must pull out from underneath of the container and drive away in a relatively straight line. With this in mind, the delivery site will need the length of the container (20' or 40'), the length of the trailer (20' or 40') and the length of the truck. All three must be able to stay in a straight line as the truck pulls forward.

shipping container delivery

Shipping Container Delivery Site

If your container plans call for the shipping container to sit on some type of a foundation you'll need to have the site prepared prior to the container being delivered. A skilled driver can normally place the container directly on top of the foundation site, but you'll want to confirm with the driver to see if he has any suggestions or requirements for your plans. At the very least, grass and trees should be cleared from the area and the ground should be level. Any uneven ground could cause the doors to sit out of square be very difficult to open.

Delivery Weather Conditions

If your plan on having the shipping container rest directly on the ground, you'll want to have the site clean and dry prior to delivery. Any moisture that's underneath the container could be trapped there for any unknown period of time and cause the container floor to rot or decompose faster than normal. If your container is going to sit above the ground on some type of foundation, even something as simple as railroad ties, weather conditions are less of a concern as there will be adequate airflow under the container to allow the ground to dry.

Purchasing a new or used shipping container is a great way to create additional residential or commercial storage space, build a modular house, or even job-site bunks and office space. If you're purchasing a container and don't have a forklift or crane on site to remove it from the trailer or chassis you'll need to have the container delivered on a tilt bed trailer. Following the three tips above, space, site preparation, and conditions, will help your delivery to go quickly and possibly extend the useful life of your container.

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