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40' Shipping and Storage Containers

01.06.2020 - Posted by Updated On 01.06.2020    

40' shipping containers were ones the largest shipping containers in production in the world, and while they are still very popular with everyone in the industry, from shipping lines and storage companies alike, the production of the standard height unit has witnessed a gradual decline over the years.

40' Shipping Container Dimensions

40' shipping containers all come in one standard size, and the depending on the manufacturer specifications and weight can vary slightly.

Exterior Height

Exterior Length

Exterior Width

8' 6" ft

40' ft

8' ft

Interior Height

Interior Length

Interior Width

19' 6" ft

 39′ 6 1/2>

7' 8" ft



Tare Weight (Approx)

Max Cargo Capacity (Approx)



Commercial Uses

Secondary Uses of 40' Shipping Containers

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