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40' Shipping Containers for Sale

04.12.2013 - Posted by Updated On 04.12.2013    

40' shipping containers are the most widely available containers in circulation throughout the world, and finding this size of shipping container for sale throughout the United States and Canada shouldn't be a problem. At most ports or depots you can find them in both new and used condition, and 40' shipping containers make great modular units for conversions into offices, container houses, fallout shelters or bunkers, or portable and on-site storage. The hardest part of buying a shipping container is deciding what type and size you need.

New 40' Shipping Containers for Sale

New 40' containers technically aren't "new", most of the time. Almost every "new" container in the United States and Canada is classified as a "one trip" container. This means that it was manufactured in China, then loaded up with goods and transported to North America where it was unpacked and delivered to the depot for sale into the retail market. For the most part, every one trip container is pretty much the same in terms of condition.

Since one trip containers are intended for immediate sale into the retail market, and because of this they are often equipped with a few extra features that used shipping containers don't have. The three most common features are:

  • Lock Box: Container lock boxes are a useful security feature that prevents aspiring thieves form having quick access to the lock on your shipping container doors. It's simply a steel box that houses the lock and prevents the shank from being clipped.
  • High Locking Gear: Locking gear is the industry name for the door handles. High locking gear means that the handles are waist high, and lock locking gear is down near the ground. For a retail buyer, it's nice not to have to bend over to open the doors.
  • Fork Lift Pockets: Unless you're going to be moving the container around on a regular basis, this feature isn't really important to a retail buyer. Fork lift pockets are the pockets that guide the forks under the container and insure that it's picked up straight, and in the most balanced points.
40' shipping container 40' shipping container 40' shipping container 40' shipping container

Used 40' Shipping Containers for Sale

Used 40' shipping containers are different from their one trip counter parts as each one has been aged and managed differently. This means that it's best to ask for a couple of pictures or a recent inspection of the container, or if it's possible stop by and give the container a quick "eye ball".

Prices of used 40'containers tend to vary based on condition and location. The used variety is normally around $1000 less than a new 40' container, give or take a few dollars, and if you find one a lot cheaper it could be roached out or have a racked frame. Again, some recent pictures or inspecting the container is advised.

You can get a great deal on a used 40', but before you rush out and buy it consider the following questions:

1. Will you need to make and repairs or modifications to make it work for you? If the answer is yes, how much more will it cost? Are you interested in a new paint job, installing doors, adding a container lock box?
2. How will it be delivered? If you're buying it from a person, as opposed to a company, does the person have a forklift on site? If not, you'll need to find a special truck that can pick the container up onto the truck, and then deliver it to your location. What will this service cost?
3. What else haven't you considered? If you're buying off of Craigslist or some similar site, the seller probably just wants to unload the container and will give you a hard sell. Once it's paid for, it's your problem to deal with. If you're working with a season container person, they'll ask you questions like "do you have enough room for a 40' container on your property?" "Where is it being delivered? Soft ground, mud, foundation, etc..." "How narrow is your road? Will the driver need a pilot car?"

Finding the Best 40' Shipping Containers for Sale

40' shipping containers can be found for sale all over the place. They're advertised in the newspaper, although less so nowadays, retail and wholesale companies have websites, eBay, Craigslist, and the countless other classified advertisement websites. It's not hard to find a competitively priced shipping container (Note: I avoid using the word cheap, as I feel that implies poor quality).

Shipping containers have the best prices along the coasts and major port or inland cities and distribution centers. You can find them in other locations, but they'll have a slightly higher price. The higher price doesn't mean that you're being ripped off, because someone had to pay for the container to be repositioned to the new location.

Shipping and leasing companies from around the world regular, and regional container dealers and traders regularly sell new and used shipping containers through the trading platform on Search for 40' shipping containers for sale in your area on to find the best deals available.

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