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45' shipping containers

28.08.2016 - Posted by Updated On 28.08.2016    

If you're looking to maximize the storage area you can get relative to cost, and space isn't an issue, than a 45' shipping container is the ideal way to go. 45' shipping containers are both longer and taller than standard containers; and while they tend to be more cost effective in terms or price/size ratio, they are typically they're only available in certain markets.

To start, a 45' shipping container is 45' long, 9'6” tall, and 8'6” wide. They weigh around 10,500 lbs and can carry upwards of 55,000 lbs. However, if you're using one for commercial or residential storage it's not likely you'll reach that limit (but it's nice to know that you can if you need to).

45' shipping containers aren't the commercial norm, as most of the container handing equipment around the world is geared for 20' and 40' shipping containers. 45' shipping containers typically carry large, bulky things like furniture or other oversized products and can only be processed in certain ports. Once inland, on the United States, 45' containers can be moved around with no extra effort on trucks and trains.

45' shipping container

Along with shipping and storage, 45' containers are great units to convert into modular buildings and similar structures. In Denver, Colorado people like to purchase them to convert them into hunting and fishing cabins and back country lodges.

To purchase a 45' container for storage, shipping, or modular conversion, search for 45' shipping containers or contact any of the active sellers on the marketplace. If you don't see a 45' container in your area complete the quote request form and an approved seller will contact you with information on local availability.

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