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5 Reasons to Buy a Shipping or Storage Container

07.08.2023 - Posted by Updated On 07.08.2023    

With winter roaring along and more snow on the way, now is the idea time to sit inside by the fire and think about summer projects (I'm not entirely kidding, but close). We were discussing options for additional storage space the other afternoon and one of the best questions that came up was, "why buy a shipping container". There were quite a few reasons, but we were able to combine them into five main points.

1. Storage Space (obviously): Using a container for storage means instant storage space with zero to limited building time. From the time you find a container that meets your needs, to purchase and delivery can take only a couple of days. In many areas they don't even require building permits!

2. Sound Investment: Shipping containers have a sea life of 12-15 years, and if they're maintained they can last indefinitely when used for storage or similar land based purposes. This, coupled with the fact that they have no technology built into them, means they depreciate in value very slowly. When you compare that with either renting a storage space or building a wooden or concrete structure, the investment return is attractive.

3. Resalable: Tired of having a shipping container on your property, or don't need it anymore? Take an advertisement out in the local paper and sell it, then hire a truck to come, pick it up, and deliver it to the new location. Try doing that with a traditional, wooden building.

4. Excellent Security: Steel shipping containers come equipped with no windows and only one point of entry, which has heavy duty cams to lock the doors closed. Add a bolt on lock box and your container will be more secure than a standard pole barn or aluminium shed.

5. Versatile: Once on your location, you can do pretty much anything with a shipping container. Internally, you can install shelving, or walls to create different rooms. Externally you can add doors, windows, or even build a deck on the roof.

shipping container snow
shipping container interior
shipping container delivery

If you're considering storage options and whether or not to buy a shipping container, there are more reasons that can apply to your individual case. Each location and buyer has specific needs to consider, and if you need someone to speak with or email feel free to contact any of the sellers listed on is an online marketplace and software platform that helps connect buyers and sellers (ranging from local trading companies to international leasing companies and shipping lines). If you're in the business of selling shipping containers on any scale feel free to contact us and see if we can help you leverage our trading software to save money and time in your marketing efforts.

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