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5 Shipping Container Home Pre-Considerations

25.04.2016 - Posted by Updated On 25.04.2016    

Not all things are created equal, and that includes shipping containers. Well, containers start out created equal, but over time and life on the high seas and high ways they can take some damage. If you're going to be building a container home you'll want to make sure you know what you're getting into.

1. Inspect all used containers: A used shipping container may be “wind and water tight", but it could also have some dents in the sides. Dents aren't always an issue, until you have to weld a window or door into place and the dent is on part of the window frame - leaving you with a lot more welding and cutting to deal with.

2. Or buy new containers: New shipping containers are just that, new. They've only made one trip across the ocean and will have clean paint, dent-free sides, and pretty clean floors.

3. Plan around the structures: Containers carry their weight in the corners, and the corners can't be modified or cut in any way and still retain their structural integrity. Also, there are standard height containers, and high cubes. 8'6" external height might be enough for some people, but the extra foot in a high cube could make all the difference in the world.

bent shipping container wall

4. Research the surrounding markets: Shipping containers in Colorado are more expensive than most other markets, but there aren't many options that are close by. If you're between Baltimore and New York, you can pull from several locations and some may be cheaper than others. However, be sure and factor in trucking costs.

5. Research the local environment: Wind can be an issue for both height, and sound. If you plan on building a container home a couple of units high and are in eastern Wyoming, you may need to do a little extra planning with regards to the maximum wind and if it would be enough to push your structure over. Along with that, if the winds are strong the inside of a container can be a noisy place. Can you face your container in a more favorable direction, plant trees, or install thicker sound proof insulation?

Shipping containers can expedite many modular building projects, but the wrong used shipping container can slow things down progress and raise costs quickly. Before you buy a used container it's highly recommended that you inspect it thoroughly, research all available sizes and options, and consider the local environment and regulations.

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