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Affordable Housing in Shipping Containers

13.02.2017 - Posted by Updated On 13.02.2017    

Creating affordable housing solutions is a common problem throughout the United States, and both builders and architects are being forced to get more creative in ways of addressing the problem. High density housing has been the typical solution to affordable housing, but with rising labor and real estate costs it isn’t feasible in many areas of the country. One solution that’s growing in popularity is re-purposing shipping containers into modular housing units.

One specific place that container homes are growing in usage is on Florida’s east coast where new and used containers are readily available in the ports of Miami and Jacksonville. However, the west coast of Florida is now warming up to the idea of shipping container housing. The idea was recently introduced at a planning commission meeting in Collier County, which is near the south west side of Florida from Naples south. shipping container cabin

In the past, used shipping containers have primarily been used for guest houses or small apartments. In Florida used shipping containers can be purchased for around $1500, and with low cost labor and a cost conscious designer and builder and kitchen, bedroom, and living area can be added at a square footage cost lower than a traditional stick built home.

shipping container housing

Another benefit of a shipping container home in Florida is the wind rating. Shipping containers are designed to ride the ocean in all types of harsh weather, so a hurricane isn’t a problem at all. A properly anchored shipping container can withstand winds of roughly 175 miles per hour, more than enough to pass the grade in a storm. The inexpensive alternative, a mobile home, can be quickly torn apart in a similar severe storm. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers in Florida, and throughout the rest of the world. Our company does not produce container homes, but many of the active sellers on the website either work closely with local builders, or produce container homes themselves. If you have questions on a specific listing, please contact the seller directly through the site. If you have general shipping container questions the staff at can be contacted to assist you.

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