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Affordable Shipping Container Homes

20.06.2015 - Posted by Updated On 20.06.2015    

Affordable Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container housing continues to gather support as it's adopted by many builders and communities around the country, but from what's getting attention in the news are container homes are either expensive, colossal structures that barely resemble a container, to highly functional cabins. It's less common to see a comfortable, reasonable priced house made from a shipping container; but last week in Lakeland, Florida we found one.

New Generation Builders, run by Steve Sawyer, is converting 20' and 40' shipping containers into some really nice container homes. Prices range from around $39,000 and $57,500 and the designs are complete with all of the features that you'd find in a regular home, and the same level of quality. Actually, there are also some features that you might not find in every standard home, like a fireplace.

container home exterior Container home kitchen and bath

The container is completely insulated and designed to be connected to the power and water grid. Starting from one of the container you'll find a full bathroom, complete with shower, sink with vanity, and a commode. Unlike some hotels that I've been in, the bathroom has plenty of room to move around - not even close to feeling claustrophobic. Out of the bathroom you'll find a full service kitchen with refrigerator, two burner range, microwave oven, sink and a dining area for you. When dinner is over and it's time to relax there is a full size couch, television, and electric fire place. What about sleeping? The couch folds out into a queen sized bed. The model version is complete with granite counter tops, wooden floors, and large glass sliding door. If you plan on using the container as a hunting or fishing cabin, there is a heavy sliding door on the outside that can seal everything off for added security. Let's not stop there, Steve even attached a grill to the outside of the container making it an ideal solution for any sportsman.

container home fireplace and television Container home living area Container home with a grill

A container home like this, build from corrugated steel and anchored to a permanent foundation, is an ideal alternative to a mobile home; from the perspective of a hurricane, a mobile home could be blown apart while a heavy duty container come could withstand the event.

For more information on New Generation Builders, check out their website or contact them directly at 800-759-4459. For information and pricing on shipping containers for sale you can contact any of the sellers listed on the website.

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