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After Market Container Repairs and Modifications

24.07.2023 - Posted by Updated On 24.07.2023    

Every month shipping containers are bought and sold on, and while many remain in use for shipping there are also many that are sold into a secondary market that use the containers for purposes and projects other than shipping; mainly storage units, workshops, or cabin/housing conversions. If you call into this group, you'll probably have the same initial questions and desired modifications that a majority of the group has; and these questions fall into five groups: painting, doors and door repairs, air circulation, and flooring.

Painting a Shipping Container

Painting a used shipping container can be as small or large of a chore as you make it, depending on the condition of the container itself and the desired quality of the finished paint. The easiest way to approach the job is to hose the container down to clean it, then rent a commercial spray painter and go to town. However, you'll need to decide if/how you want to address any rust patches, current paint, and the type of paint you will want to use. Standard outdoor paint will work, but some industry professionals prefer direct to metal, or DTM paints. DTM paint is more expensive, but will adhere to the metal container surface better. To read in a little more detail, check out this article on painting used shipping containers.

shipping container paint

Doors Repairs and Maintenance

The big value of using a shipping container for storage is the wind and water tight qualities, and if the container sits on an uneven surface it can twist the door frame out of square and lose some of the protective qualities. Make sure that the container is level, and keep an eye on the rubber seals that surround the doors. Also, water can be trapped inside of the seal and cause premature rusting. Likewise if the rubber seals rot or dry out the container doors can also lose some of their water tight properties.

Adding Additional Doors

Man doors or roll up doors can be added to any shipping container, and some depots, local builders, or machine shops and provide this service. Before you pick up the phone you'll want to know the size and quality of the door (commercial, exterior doors with or without windows, etc.). You'll also want to know the type of door frame that will be used. A common mistake is to build a low quality door frame that falls out of square when the container is moved from one location to the next.

Ventilation and Circulation

Climate and humidity vary greatly around the United States and North America, and depending on the location where the container will be situated you may need to consider how to manage condensation build up. Given that shipping containers are air tight, any fluctuations in the temperature and humidity levels could trap damp air inside of the container, and the problem will grow as the temperature changes. Installing any type of ventilation system helps to reduce this problem, check out this site to buy shipping container vents.


The floors of a shipping container are treated with pesticides and chemicals to keep out any unwanted insects or rodents. However, given that consumer goods regularly travel in them and come into contact with the floors it may not be as toxic as some people would want you to believe. If the container is being used for storage, the existing floor shouldn't present any health problems. However, it is recommended that you take proper precautions if you decide to sand or refinish the floor and avoid eating any meals directly off the floor. "The 5 Second Rule" does not apply to shipping container flooring. shipping container flooring

New and used shipping containers are widely available throughout the United States, and the number of secondary uses for them is limitless. After market modifications and repairs to shipping containers are common, and can be as simple as installing vents or painting the exterior to cutting and welding new doors into place. If your needs are for a simple portable storage unit an "off the shelf" container will likely fit your needs perfectly. If you plan to do something more involved you will probably want to consider painting, doors, ventilation, and flooring modifications. is an online marketplace for buying and selling all types of new and used shipping containers. The custom auction platform has helped shipping lines and container leasing companies around the world sell millions of dollars' worth of new and used equipment. If you have any questions about how to use or our white label trading software to get the best deal and maximum value available please feel free to contact us.

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