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Are You Building a Shipping Container Home?

23.05.2015 - Posted by Updated On 23.05.2015    

The spring and summer building season is gearing up across much of the United States, and if you will be in the process of building a container home between June and September we've got a great opportunity for you. Big Fish Casting and HGTV are filming a new series focused on shipping container homes, and if you've got your permit in hand and design in place there is a chance that you could be on the show; plus get a nice stipend for the effort!

The builders and homeowners each will get a stipend: Builders will get up to $6,000 for a big build, and $2000 for a small build, while home owners will be reviewed on a case by case basis (but we have been told that it's healthy).

The shooting will take place over four non-consecutive days, so it's likely the filming will include the containers going into place, the construction, and a final reveal at the end showing the completed container home.

Casting time is limited and you must contact us by May 30, 2015. Again, if you have your permits in place and are ready to go send us an email or text message to 307-222-9085 and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

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