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Backyard Storage Options: Shipping Containers or Sheds

11.11.2018 - Posted by Updated On 11.11.2018    

Extra storage space is increasingly popular due to the continual overflow of our worldly possessions, and unless you want to rent a storage unit in a location away from your home, there aren't many options available to you. The two main backyard storage options are either a traditional wood frame shed, or a shipping container. There are other options, obviously, such as a pole barn, but the chosen two options are the most secure in terms of protection against thieves and Mother Nature.

Wood Frame Storage Shed

Wood frame storage sheds, either built on site or purchased at a local dealer, are the most traditional way to go to meet your storage needs. They're attractive, often come equipped with electrical plug-ins, and in some cases can be customized. However, they do need to be installed or built on a permanent foundation so in most cases they require a building permit and approval from the local government.

In terms of security, wood frame buildings are attractive, but the wood and windows make them more susceptible to theft and the unfortunate chance of fire.
The labor costs associated with building a wooden shed can also be prohibitive. A skilled crew needs to be brought in to build the shed, or at the very least the foundation that it will be attached to.

Steel Shipping Container Storage Shed

Steel shipping containers are being used by more and more people, due to the inventory available in many parts of the United States and the low costs associated with them. Shipping containers can be purchased at many major cities and effectively transported to the desired location, and placed on any type of simple foundation, even something as basic as rail road ties.

One of the detracting items about shipping containers is that they can be harder to have customized. After market windows and doors need a special skill set to cut the hole and weld the fixture into place. If the container will be sitting in a high traffic area, a used container might be viewed negatively if the area is very image conscious.

Aside from these two factors, shipping containers typically don't require building permits as they don't sit on a permanent foundation. Also, the lack of doors and windows on the steel structure makes them less likely to be broken into or catch on fire.

New and used shipping containers are available to be purchased throughout most major cities in the US, and can be delivered to residential and commercial locations, typically in 5-10 days. To find a shipping container for sale near you, use the search feature on and browse the available units in your area. If you have any questions about a specific listing you're welcome to contact the seller directly through the listing page. If you have any general questions or are unsure where to get started feel free to contact directly.

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