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Bolt on Lock Boxes for Used Shipping Containers

15.11.2021 - Posted by Updated On 15.11.2021    

One of the most commonly overlooked differences between new and used shipping containers is the lack of a lock box.  Considering that a majority of people purchasing a used shipping container are doing so for storage or a similar use, having a lock box installed is a strong selling feature.

Used, off lease containers typically don’t have a lock box installed because the shipping line doesn’t require one.  When a shipping line or leasing company purchases a container for their core fleet, they’re aware that the container will spend a majority of its leased life on a ship, in a depot, or somewhere in a protected, secure environment.  Noting this, they opt to save the cost of a lock box and use the money elsewhere.  This isn’t an issue until the container comes off lease and is sold into the secondary market – and the end user purchases the container to serve as an on-site storage unit.

Lock boxes can be installed two ways – either purchased and welded onto the container, typically at the depot; or purchased later on and installed once the container is on-site.

Lock boxes that are welded onto the container are highly secure, and very difficult to remove or break into.  However, to install a welded on lock box you need to be near welding equipment – either at the depot, or have a mobile welding truck come to the unit.  Installing a lock box at the depot is the better of the two options, and typically cost around $100 (depending on the depot and location).

If your container is already on-site, or welding equipment isn’t available, you may want to consider purchasing a bolt-on lock box specifically designed for shipping containers.  A bolt on lock box requires no welding, and installs in around 15 minutes with common tools (a drill, screwdriver, and wrench).  Although it’s not welded on, a bolt on lock box has all the features that a welded on lock does, without the cost.

bolt on lock box now provides America made lock boxes; both weld on and bolt on lock boxes, through their website  Both retail and wholesale purchase are available on the site, and distributor agreements are available.

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