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Building an Affordable Shipping Container Home

15.06.2020 - Posted by Updated On 15.06.2020    

Most of the shipping container homes that are seen in the news are high end, custom jobs and are so modified that they barely resemble shipping containers at all. While they are very attractive many are out of the price range of many buyers. However, it is possible to build a shipping container home at an affordable price; it just takes some proper planning and good project management. If you are building a container home it’s best to lay out the project, understand the obstacles, and get the best possible materials for the best price.

Develop a Plan

As with any project, before you get started it is important to decide what you want. The number of bedrooms (and size), the number of bathrooms, common areas, kitchen, etc. With this information you can lay out a floor plan and move things around to decide the size and number of shipping containers that will be needed for the project. Keep in mind that overseas shipping containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths and are 8’ wide. With these dimensions you can drop your rooms into a set area.

Local Permits and Regulations

Obviously, your container home will need to be located somewhere. No matter if you already own land, or if you are hunting for the ideal property, it is vital to check with the local authorities with regards to permitting and regulations for shipping container homes. If the local authorities are against the idea your idea could be shut down quickly, if they are comfortable with container homes you will have much less resistance moving forward. In most cases, they will want to see your plans before making any decision and moving forward.

Financing the Container Home

If you have enough cash on hand to finance the entire project financing will not be an issue. If you plan on looking for a mortgage or other type of financing, it will be best to approach a local bank that understands modular or shipping container home finance. Currently, many large banks will be averse to accepting anything that is not a conventional type of housing.

Also, be sure to build in extra money for cost over runs. It is impossible to predict them, but there may be extra money needed for additional features inside, or outside of the house.

Find the Right Containers

New or used shipping containers are commonly available in many markets. As expected, new shipping containers will be much more expensive than used. The benefit of new (one trip) shipping containers is that they will have no dents and no corporate branding on the container. Used shipping containers will be less expensive and have more character with corporate branding and an unimaginable history. If used containers are built into the project it is very important to make sure there are no major dents on the walls. Dents can cause problems when installing windows or doors. alt

Shipping container homes can range in price, from high end to very affordable. Either way, they make a lot of sense for efficient modular housing projects. Plan ahead, make sure everything is accepted with the local authorities, and you can be well on your way to a new house or weekend getaway home. is an online marketplace to help with all of your shipping container needs. Search in your area or complete the request form to find the best containers near you, at the best possible price.

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