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Buying Damaged Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers come in a few ranges of condition, and depending on what you plan on using the container for you may be able to find a better deal based on the condition of the shipping container that you need. That being said, a majority of shipping containers come in cargo worthy or wind and water tight conditions. While people ask for damaged containers, it's rare that you can find damaged containers on a regular basis.

When shipping containers are returned to the depot or container yard, the depot does an assessment of the container and informs the owner of any damages or defects, and how much it will cost to repair the container. Typically, depending on the age of the container the owner will either have it repaired to wind and water tight condition, or possibly cargo worthy condition. Only if the damage is extreme will the owner have no repairs made, and then the container is typically sold for scrap so the owner will no longer have to page storage charges. shipping container total loss

Definition of Damage

Within reason, most all shipping lines and leasing companies have similar definitions of damage. Any punctures, holes, extreme rust, or damaged flooring that would make the container less than wind and water tight needs to be repaired so that the container can be sold for a reasonable price and with less complaints from the buyer. If the damage is extreme, such as a dropped container or major gouges in the sides, the container will be quickly scrapped.

shipping container damage

As Is, Where Is Condition

"As is, where is" condition is a relatively common description used by shilling lines and leasing companies. It simply means that the container was not inspected when the container arrived at the depot and the seller has no idea what condition it is in. While this should mean that the container is significantly cheaper, that's not typically the case. The condition of the container may be cargo worthy, or wind/water tight, or it may have some issues that the seller doesn't know about. The seller just didn't want to make the investment into having the container looked over for a damage report.

Most Containers Aren't Heavily Damaged

Most containers aren't heavily damaged. The most common types of damage are minimal, such as delaminated flooring, dents or dings in the sides that don't go the entire way through the walls, or surface rust that doesn't impact the integrity of the container. The shipping container may not look like a beauty queen, but overall it will be in fair/good condition with regards to the shipping line or leasing company's standards. is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and used shipping containers. The containers listed on the site vary in condition ranging mostly from new/one trip shipping containers, to "as is, where is". To find a shipping container for sale in your area, search through the menu or on the map to see what's available. If nothing is available, complete the container request form and a seller that services your area will be in touch.

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