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Cargo Container Conversions and Summer Projects

01.03.2021 - Posted by Updated On 01.03.2021    

Cargo containers are a highly versatile, secure, and readily available item.  It’s no wonder that as the summer comes into full swing many people and companies are using them for their events or as a component to their "summer project".  There are a great number of cargo containers are being converted and delivered all over the United States and world for that matter; and it’s hard to attend any event without noticing a cargo container that’s being used for on-site storage.

When it comes to event storage, there are two commonly used types of containers, a standard container and a refrigerated container.

Standard containers are relatively easy to move and have delivered to your site, and are great for storing anything that’s not temperature sensitive.  Clothing and uniforms, tools, equipment such as mowers and garden tractors, and inventory that needs to be stocked for a fair or festival are all items that are ideal to store in a standard cargo container.  And, one of the ideal things is that the container would need very little, if any, modifications done to it.  The container can be delivered, dropped on site, and loaded and lock without any hassle at all.

If the items or products that you are planning on storing require a certain temperature, a refrigerated cargo container, also called a "reefer", will serve you well.  It’s important to note that a reefer is not only capable of cold storage, but can also serve as a large portable freezer.  Items such as ice cream, medical supplies, or even ice cold beer are commonly stored in refrigerated containers.  If needed, they can be modified to have non-slip flooring, lighting and electrical service, or trapped man alarms.

In some circumstances the venue may require other features than just portable storage.  Cargo containers have been converted into bars, pop-up shopping malls, entertainment complexes, and even sleeping quarters. has been involved in a number of projects recently, and has the capacity to assist not only in the sale of the container but also consulting in the modification process and delivery.  If you’re working on a project that requires on-site storage, temporary building structures, or a mobile solution, there’s really no limit to what can be achieved with a cargo container.

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