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Cargo Container Home in the Hamptons

08.07.2012 - Posted by Updated On 08.07.2012    

We're always eager to keep up with the latest trends in cargo container architecture, and during the last week we came across a great new container home recently constructed in one of the last places that you'd expect to find a container home - the Hamptons. The home was constructed by Andrew Anderson and has been named, "The Beach Box".

The six repurposed 40' cargo containers have now been given a second life after being converted into a 2000' four bedroom, two and a half bath; with views of both Napeague Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

On the first level, four of the containers were locked together in a manner that any Tetris fan would be proud of. This level contains all four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a laundry room. Outside, residents will find a small book on the deck.

Keeping with the green theme, the open kitchen has a center island with a countertop made from heavily resistant paper composite and renewable bamboo fiber.

As is expected of any container home, this one went up quickly. Trucks delivered the containers in 45 minute intervals, while a crane and welders moved and locked them into place on a concrete foundation.

If you think you'd like to own this luxurious container home in the Hamptons, it can be yours for a mere $1.395 million. If this container home falls below your expectations, don't worry; Anderson recently closed on a vacant lot and has plans for a $4-5 million dollar container home in the near future.

Beach Box Container Home Container home in the Hamptons

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