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Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers – CSC Plated

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If you need a shipping container for overseas shipping, the first thing you’ll need to address with regards to the container is to make sure it’s certified cargo worthy. Why? The last thing that a shipping line wants is to have an old, racked container that doesn’t fit properly on the stack, or worse yet breaks apart mid-shipment under the pressure of the weight of the container on top of it, and the churning of the sea. Typically, at least with all of the sellers on, the seller will manage this process and have it certified before it leaves the depot. In nearly every case you’ll want the container to be certified before it leaves the depot, just so you’re not stuck with a useless steel box that you now have no use for.

What Does CSC Mean?

CSC is short for the "Convention for Safe Containers". The 1960’s is when containerized shipping really began to take off; and in 1967 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) conducted a study and decided that the most important aspect of container shipping was the container itself. If this component of the supply chain failed, it would cause the most damage and delay. They decided to build on this and create a strict list of criteria and inspection process that all containers must be given. Containers don’t need to be respected for every load, but every few years. After a container reaches a certain age the frequency of inspections can increase.

The CSC Plate

The CSC plate displays the general history of the container. Information such as who manufactured the unit, who it was manufactured for, the date, flooring materials and any treatments (the insecticide Meganium is commonly used), and the next date that the container needs to be inspected.

Shipping Container CSC Plate Convention for Safe Containers Plate CSC plate on a shipping container

What Qualifies as a Cargo Worthy Container?

Cargo worthy containers, 20’ or 40’, that have passed a rigorous inspection process are then certified as cargo worthy. To check if a container is cargo worthy the easiest thing to do is check out the CSC plate located on one of the doors.

Cargo Worthy Confirmation

Before the container is loaded onto the boat, the shipping line will want proof that the container is cargo worthy. Since they can’t go around and inspect the CSC plate on every container before it arrives at the port, they will require an inspection report from a qualified surveyor, and some lines require pictures of all angles of the container. Once these documents are on file the container is ready to hit the high seas.

If you need a cargo worthy container to ship overseas, the sellers on can help you find the best unit for you, at the best possible price. Sellers have helped to certify containers that have been delivered all over Europe, Africa, and even a small island in the middle of the Pacific. Contact any of the sellers through an active listing page, or contact do explain your needs and they’ll help to point you in the right direction.

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