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Cheap Shipping Containers

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Cheap shipping containers are something that everyone in the market for a shipping container looks for; no matter if the container will be used for storage, intermodal transportation, some type of modular housing project, or whatever else you might have in mind. However, the definition of "cheap" tends to vary greatly depending on the size, condition, and intended use of the container. For example, a cheap container that's going to be used as a tool shed will be less expensive than a cheap shipping container that will be used for overseas shipping. To help you find the best possible deal, on the best possible container, we'll offer a few starting tips for buying storage containers, intermodal shipping containers, and containers that will be used for modification projects.

For starters, the word "cheap" is a difficult word for to use. To me "cheap" typically denotes poor quality and low price, and I'd prefer to use the word "inexpensive". Inexpensive focuses on a low price, and potentially good value. Keep this in mind when reading the following paragraphs.

Cheap/Inexpensive Storage Containers

To find an inexpensive storage container you'll need to relax your criteria. The more specific that your needs are, the more costly the container will become. If you start looking only for a blue, 20' container no more than 8 years old you're going to limit your options. If you simply need a 20' container, and don't care about the color or age, just that it's wind and water tight, you're off to a good start. You can always paint it later, and as long as it keeps the elements out and your possessions securely stowed inside the main goals are accomplished. Keep in mind that a "wind and water tight" container may have some surface rust, but no rust going the entire way through. cheap shipping container
Check out this article for more details on what to begin looking for, "Looking for Cheap Shipping Containers for Sale?"

Cheap/Inexpensive Intermodal Shipping Containers

Containers that need to be used for intermodal shipping have different requirements that keep the equipment priced above wind and water tight storage containers. Cargo worthy containers need pass certain structural requirements and carry documentation that gives the shipping line confidence that the container won't fall apart in transit. Just as discussed in the previous paragraph, if you keep an open mind in terms of color and age the price of a cargo worthy container can usually be less. If the container will be going to a client's location and they don't plan on using it for shipping anything in nsive scheap shipping container
the future an older container will be suitable, likewise if the container is going to a dead end location. Check out this article to get more of an idea of where to start, "Shipping Containers for Logistics Companies"

Cheap/Inexpensive Modular Building Containers

When starting your modular building project, it's best to have a thorough review of the plans so you know exactly what type of containers you're shopping for. If the containers are going to be cut apart and modified heavily, having some rust holes may not be relevant to the end structure. If you want to retain some of the original paint on the container, you may want to avoid rust and keep the containers newer. However, the ideal thing to do in this situation is to ask the seller if you're able to visit the depot and hand select the containers that you will be using.

Cheap and inexpensive shipping containers can vary greatly in terms of price and condition, and if you have an idea of what exactly your end goal or vision is, this can help the company selling the container to focus on what you need and provide the best options. You can save a lot of time and money if you begin your search with a clear goal, and relaxed parameters. is an online platform for buying and selling shipping containers. We work with dealers, retailers, shipping lines and leasing companies alike. If you have any questions we encourage you to contact any of the sellers listed on the site.

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