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Cold Storage in a Refrigerated Shipping Container

10.10.2015 - Posted by Updated On 10.10.2015    

A refrigerated shipping container is a great solution for any of your cold storage needs; and they’re used a lot more frequently, and more readily available than you might think. Refrigerated shipping containers are deployed behind the scenes at all types of events and establishments.

Refrigerated shipping containers come in 20’, 40’, and 40’ high cube sizes. They can be kept outside as a stand along structure, ideally on a foundation of some type, or they can be moved inside of a warehouse or garage to provide a quick walk in refrigeration unit. Purchasing a reefer container means no lengthy build out, and an affordable cost. 

Restaurants and Hotels: Restaurants and hotels usually need excess freezer or refrigeration space during busy seasons, and a refrigerated container provides a quick solution that can either be purchase, or rented for a period of time.

Seasonal Festivals and Fairs: Seasonal festivals, theme parks, or any type of fair requires short term storage for food, beverages, and any supplies that need to be kept in a controlled environment.

Refrigerated container being delivered to a restaurant in Luosto, FinlandRefrigerated container being delivered to a restaurant in Luosto, Finland

Pharmaceutical Storage: Pharmaceuticals and other drugs need to be kept in a high controlled environment. If the humidity is too high, or temperature changes too much, the efficacy of the drug could be compromised.

Two extreme examples of how refrigerated shipping containers are used are in Dubai, and the Arctic Circle. Dubai regularly hosts international air shows, and due to the high temperatures exhibitors need to keep everything from food to guests in a comfortable space. The opposite extreme is Northern Finland, well above of the Arctic Circle, there are thousands of seasonal guests to provide for, and some food needs to be kept cold, and other food needs to be kept frozen. Simple logic would suggest that cold food could be kept in a snowbank outside, and while that would work the Health Department may not like food being served to customers to be trampled on, or licked, by a reindeer.

Container leasing companies shipping lines regularly sell refrigerated shipping containers on If you are in the market to purchase a reefer of any size, or age, feel free to contact any of the registered sellers, or fill out an inquiry form for the city or location where the container will be needed. is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and used shipping containers around the world. We work with several of the leading shipping lines and container lessors around the world to provide a fast, efficient transaction.

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