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Commercial Storage Units

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Commercial storage can come in many shapes and sizes, and just about every option can be customized to the needs of the company or individual that needs to store their goods. Typical forms of commercial storage range from rented U-Haul trucks and trailers, to secure and climate controlled off-site facilities, and more and more companies are beginning to rent or purchase 20' or 40' shipping containers to use for on-site storage.

Short Term Commercial Storage

Many times companies need short term storage for seasonal inventory of products, parts, and other supplies. If the quantity is small and the storage is only needed for a month or less, a rented trailer is a good solution. Inexpensive, quick to pick up and return, and it can be placed in a secure area to make sure nothing is stolen.

If the items being stored are greater in quantity a rented shipping container makes a great solution. Many companies can provide a short term container rental and also provide a delivery and pick up service for a reasonable charge.

commercial storage

Climate Controlled and 24 Hour Security Storage

If on-site storage isn't an option, often times due to available space or the costs associated with building a proper facility, there are countless companies that provide around the clock security and the option of keeping your items in a climate controlled space. If humidity or temperature is a concern, think antique furniture or legal documents, probably the best solution is to research full service storage facilities in your local area. It may cost more than a standard storage facility, but the extra cost will give you added piece of mind knowing that your possessions aren't going to be impacted by changes in temperature and moisture.

Refrigerated containers can also be delivered to many locations and used for climate controlled, on-site storage. Refrigerated containers keep items inside at a constant temperature, and many can also provide humidity control and monitoring. Pharmaceutical companies regularly transport and store high value medicines and drugs in refrigerated shipping containers.

General Commercial Storage

Much of the time, commercial storage is required for items that aren't sensitive to temperature and only need a secure, convenient location that is easily accessible by employees. For this, new and used shipping containers are the most practical and cost effective solution.

Competitively priced before, shipping containers prices have dropped to the lowest they've been in years. Purchasing a 20' or 40' shipping container for commercial storage is a onetime cost that will provide secure storage 10-20 years.

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