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Concept Shipping Container Building: eCORRE, Long Beach

25.04.2012 - Posted by Updated On 25.04.2012    

Long Beach, California, the world’s second busiest port, is home to an innovative shipping container conversion project.

In a busy port town seeing shipping containers is nothing new to local residents.  However, there is a proposal for 65 recycled shipping containers that could give pause to locals passing by.

The proposed building would be the Environmental Center of Regenerative Research & Education, or  eCORRE in short.  eCorre would be a live building that collects and generates energy and resources from the surrounding environment.  While many “green” container buildings label themselves green because of the use of recycled containers, eCorre takes another advance towards environmental integration.   The top of the shipping containers that make up the building are covered with solar panels that angle words the sun for maximum exposure and efficiency.  This angle also aids in the process used to collect and distribute rainwater that falls on the containers.  If that’s not enough, the roof top is a garden that both cools the building and provides an urban nature walk.  If the building becomes a reality its primary function would be an environmental education center for Long Beach, California.

The design was conceived by APHIDoIDEA Architects, a design studio and workshop located in Los Angeles.  eCORRE was chosen as a finalist in the AIA-LA USGBC Emerging Talent Design Competition.

Read more about eCORRE.

eCORRE container building eCORRE container building elevation

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