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Container Housing - An Affordable, Eco-Friendly Solution

18.01.2021 - Posted by Updated On 18.01.2021    

Container homes, or homes made from used shipping or cargo containers, are becoming a viable solution for low cost housing. Not only is this type of housing affordable and quick to build, it also carries environmental benefits as well. In countries that are net importers, the United States and Africa for example, there is an abundant supply of containers being sold out of container depots and terminals and websites like; modifying them into housing only makes practical sense. Shipping container home kit


First, let's define what a container house is, and isn't. A container house isn't a simple steel box with a cot and make-shift kitchen. It's also not a sweat box in the summer, and ice chest in the winter. By design, cargo containers are strong, weather resistant, and durable enough for even the harshest environments. It's relatively simple to modify a container with standard windows and doors, and with a little insulation a new or used container can provide a very comfortable living space. Keep in mind that a standard 40' shipping container has 320 square feet of liveable space. By constructing a few walls you can quickly build a home equivalent to a single bedroom house - for a fraction of the price. Build your container home on a permanent foundation and you could possible qualify for a mortgage.

If 320 square feet isn't enough for you, your family and pets, there are other solutions for you. Numen Development has taken modified container housing to the next level, both figuratively and literally. In one modification, they converted used cargo containers into a three bedroom, three bathroom 1858 single story home. If that's still not enough room for you, they also provide plans for a 2056 square foot home, all made from shipping containers!

Where do you begin when researching a container home? It's best to start be investigating what it requires to get the proper permits in your area, or the area where you plan to build. Once you're assured that the permitting isn't an issue, that's when the fun starts. provides some basic ideas for shipping container foundations and concrete footings, and there are many books on that provide information on container home kits and design packages. A few of the book with higher recommendations are:

With your designs in hand, all that's left is sourcing the supplies and starting construction. can help you buy used shipping containers are great prices, and your local lumber yard or home supply store can assist with the rest. Keep up posted on your progress and be sure and document the process with lots of pictures to share with us. If you need any guidance along the way, you're welcome to contact any of our professionals and we'll be happy to provide our insight and expertise.

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