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Container Housing and Cabins for Preppers

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Containers are portable, very secure, and can be used as the core building block for any type of storage or residential project; and the preppers that we've worked with are looking to build remote storage facilities at bug out locations, or discrete cabin that is going to be secure before, during, and after it's needed.

Remote Storage for Preppers

When it comes to building or installing a remote storage facility, in most cases shipping containers are a great solution. For starters, they can't burn and they're very hard to break into; after all, they're made of steel. The situations when they don't work as well are if the location selected is very remote and inaccessible by roads. Keep in mind that the container will be delivered on a tilt bed truck and need some extra room to navigate around the area. shipping container storage

Right out of the box, so to speak, very few modifications need to be installed in a shipping container to make it a great storage unit. Aside from possibly painting the container, the only two recommendations to increase security and usability are a bolt on lock box (usually necessary for used containers, but not new units), and hanging shelvingfor shipping containers. Both can be purchased online and shipped to your location. And of course, you can purchase both new and use shipping containers on

Shipping Container Cabins for Preppers

Converting a shipping container into a cabin, bug out shelter, or house is a little more involved, but the end result is a solid, secure environment from which to fall back to and plan your next move, or wait out the turbulent events.

To make a shipping container "liveable", a conversion project requires you to have skills, contractors or friends with electrical and plumbing know-how, as well as a working knowledge of welding and fabrication. Every person and project has different wants, needs, and requirements; so rather than go into details and "how to's" about container housing we've compiled a list of common features of a container cabin.

shipping container cabin

Common Features of a Container Cabin

-> 2"x4" studded walls with R-19 insulation
-> 7/16" OSB
-> Thrifty board panelling with 2 coats of white paint
-> Floor in good condition, with 2 coats of concrete patio and porch paint
-> 20,000 btu furnace
-> 9,200 btu ceiling mounted A/C
-> 10 gallon water heater
-> Connection for city power or generator power
-> Lines for propane and exterior propane connection
-> City water fill on exterior
-> 3" gate valve (RV style) water disposal system
-> 26 gallon black water tank
-> 40 gallon grey water tank
-> 1.1 gpm water pump
-> 2 exterior motion lights
-> Cargo doors operable for motorcycle, atv or other storage reasons
-> No bedding has been put in the unit, but could easily and reasonably be done to fit the needs of the purchaser after purchase.
-> Exterior container dimensions are 8.5' tall, 8' wide and 20' long
-> Floor is 1 1/8" wood floor that has been painted

-> 41 gallon fresh water tank (all tanks located in subfloor in bathroom area)
-> FRP in bathroom area
-> 50 amp park power inlet
-> 12 volt wiring and connections for marine style deep cycle batteries
-> LED lighting
-> 4 position circuit panel breaker for 12v and 2-12v sockets
-> Progressive Dynamics 60 amp PD 4060 AC/DC power converter panel
-> Tank monitoring system to gauge fullness level of all tanks plus the 12v batteries
-> 32"x32" shower
-> Bath vanity
-> RV style toilet
-> Avanti one piece kitchenette w/ two burner stove, 3.0 cubic ft fridge, sink, w/under cabinet storage area
-> RV Style entry door w/screen door
-> Overhead cabinets above kitchenette
-> 1x 4'x3' window, 1x 3'x2' obscure glass window in bathroom
-> 14/2 wiring for all outlets and lights

Whether you’re prepping and looking for a secure storagefacility to drop in a remote area, or building a fall out bunker or cabin toserve as a rally point. Preppers aroundthe country have successfully integrated shipping containers into their plans toserve as both large and small components. If you have any questions about using a shipping container for yourdooms day prepping plans, contact any of the listed sellers or email our office directly. is a market place of both new and usedcontainers, and sells to both wholesale and retail buyers around the UnitedStates and world.

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