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Container Sheds for Sale

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Shipping containers have many great uses. In their regular intended use, they transport all types of goods that we use in our daily lives around the world in a convenient, cost effective way. In their secondary life, they are often converted into housing components, hydroponic farms, and even storage sheds. With regards to commercial or residential sheds, every week we sell a lot of new and used shipping containers that are modified for such a purpose.

To start, the term "container shed" is pretty general in its meaning and design. First and foremost, almost all of the sellers active on only sell the raw, unmodified shipping container. There are some regional suppliers that our sellers work with that are able to modify shipping containers with additional doors, windows, and custom shelving, but they are more the exception than the rule.

Commercial Container Sheds

Industrial and commercial storage units are a popular use of both 20' and 40' shipping containers. Our platform regularly sells containers to companies of all sizes to store anything ranging from auto parts to tubes and piping.

Companies buying a shipping container to use as a storage shed normally modify them after purchase with custom racks that are unique to what they are storing (auto parts, small consumer goods, tires, etc), and many of the buyers already have shelving and racks available to them, they just need the storage unit.

An important thing to remember: If you're storing tubes or piping that comes in 20' lengths, you'll need a 40' container. A 20' container is 20' externally, and will be a little too short to store the pipe.

commercial container storage

Residential Container Sheds

shipping container shed

Residential container sheds are very popular around many parts of the United States and Canada, more specifically in rural areas with wide open spaces such as Colorado, Illinois, and Wyoming. Just as a standard, stick built shed, many of the residential buyers purchase containers to use as a workshop or to store lawn and garden equipment, or overflow from their garage or attic.

Container sheds are very popular on farms and ranches because they can be delivered to remote locations of the property, and later on moved if needed in another area. Larger racks and shelving are typically added if horse saddles and tac are stored in the container, and many times the containers are loaded full of hay and feed in order to keep it dry.

Container sheds are popular in the high plains and other arid areas because there is little humidity to rust the container, leaving a much longer useful life for the buyer.

Buying a Container Shed

New and used shipping containers of all sizes can be purchased in many major cities or distribution hubs around the United States, and in many cases delivery within 1-2 hours is very cost effective when compared to building a traditional stick shed. works with many of the major container shipping lines and leasing companies and the active sellers have shipping containers for sale throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. To learn more about a specific container for sale contact the seller directly through the listing page, or if you have general questions about how to buy a shipping container feel free to contact our staff directly.

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