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Container Shelving and Lock Boxes

04.09.2023 - Posted by Updated On 04.09.2023    

Many used shipping containers are converted into portable storage units; and there are a few simple items that you can invest in that will provide you with greater security, and more storage space. Steel shelving and a bolt on lock box are two of the most popular items available on, and they each install quickly and with minimal effort.

Shipping Container Shelving

alt From tools and boxes of nails, paint cans and brushes, and anything else that you have stashed away in your container, shelving can help you to organize it and make it all more accessible. Overall, shipping container shelving is a great way to increase the functionality of your storage container. The custom designed brackets sold on require no tools to install and each shelf can support over 1000lbs. The brackets 60" tall, have three 20" deep shelves, and are manufactured from .12" steel tubing. The shelves are designed to hang on the D rings inside of any shipping container.

Bolt-On Lock Boxes

Used shipping containers are great for storage, however many of them offer little to no protection for the locks that keep them secured. An unprotected lock can be easily clipped by a bolt cutter, saw, or even a nearby rock. A bolt on lock box provides a small house that protects the lock from any attempts to cut or damage the lock. Unlike some types of lock boxes that require welding equipment to install, our bolt on lock box requires only a drill and wrench or socket set. It can normally be installed in under 15 minutes. alt is operated by, and has been manufacturing container parts and accessories since early in 2013. All of the products they produced by are manufactured in the United States. If you have any questions about lock boxes, container shelving, or shipping containers in general feel free to contact us via email, or Tweet to us at "CTNAuction". If you’re interested in purchasing any items from the online store, give us a Tweet for a 15% discount.

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