An Auction and Marketplace for Shipping and Cargo Containers Develops Innovative Solution for Container Trading

03.02.2011 - Posted by Updated On 03.02.2011 has recently completed the development of an online trading platform for the global shipping container market. The platform has been designed specifically for both the primary and secondary shipping container markets, and is equipped to serve all clients ranging from container manufacturers, shipping and container leasing companies, to traders and end users.

The platform is not designed to change the way that container are currently sold, but to consolidate and stream-line the process. Buyer and seller accounts are given unique features that allow them to plan sales and monitor the market, without having to make continuous updates and announcements. Clients selling containers have the advantage of forward selling their containers through a 3rd party platform, while automating the notification process in order to alert all potential buyers. Registered buyers have the ability to be notified of container listings meeting their desired criteria, as well as search active listings by country, type, or BIC code.

The engine behind is unique unto itself in that it provides live updates on all active auction listings. This means that all current bids and the expiration time of the listing are loaded on the viewer’s screen, without having to refresh the browser. Upon the closing of the listing, the engine automatically notifies all parties and the winner is provided with an invoice and payment details. When the payment is registered a release code is generated and emailed to the buyer, seller, and container depot contact. All release codes are verifiable on the site. is currently finalizing agreements with several sellers and is prepared to launch in early 2011. To learn more about, or if you would like to receive more information on how to participate in the site launch, contact

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