An Auction and Marketplace for Shipping and Cargo Containers Has Gone Mobile!

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You asked for it, and we delivered. Since was launched mobile and cellular devices have come a long way in a very fast (nearly) five years. Our shipping container trading platform has undergone a few large changes, and countless small updates to make the site more functional for both buyers and sellers. The latest update was launched last week and greatly increases the functionality of the site on mobile devi

ces and tables.

Portable Device Updates and Enhancements

If you browse the site on a mobile device or tablet (Android, iOs, or any other platform), you’ll notice the site automatically reformats itself into fluid, longer page that is easier to scroll from top to bottom, search and navigate to container listings and news pages. Overall, the functionality of the site is the same as the desktop version, you’ll just find it much easier to use on today’s portable devices.

There’s no need to type in a different URL to search for shipping containers for sale, just visit and we’ll do the rest.

Desktop Users Have No Fear

If you’re a steadfast user that only shops for shipping containers from your desktop or laptop computer, the good news for you is that there will be no noticeable changes to your version of However, if you’re curious to see what the mobile version looks like just grab the left or right side of your browser and pinch it inward. You’ll see the site reformat itself into the long, think mobile version. Likewise, if looks a little out of format from what you’re accustomed to, just maximize your browser and the site will spring back to full size.

We’re constantly striving to provide our buyers and sellers with the market leading website for trading all types of shipping containers; new, used, and all sizes from 10’ and 20’, right up on to 45’ containers. If you don’t see a container listed in your area just submit the container request form and a registered seller will be in touch with you shortly. is an online marketplace for buying and selling shipping containers. We work together with some of the leading container lines and leasing companies in the industry and provide great containers, at affordable prices. If you have any questions about a listed container please contact the seller directly through the listing. If you have a question about shipping containers in general, we invite you to contact any of your staff directly.

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