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We're constantly working on new developments based on the feedback of our buyers and sellers, and the latest updates to the commercial shipping container trading software has made buying and selling shipping containers much easier for everyone involved. The two biggest updates are the ability import multiple shipping container auction listings with a CSV file, and the ability to bid on, buy, and sell multiple containers through one listing.

Uploading Shipping Container Sale Listings

You can now list any number of shipping containers for sale in a matter of seconds, just by using a simple CSV (Excel) file loaded with the required information. This ability makes selling containers online much easier for large volume sellers who previously managed their sales through e-mail, telephone, and spread sheets.

How does it work? First, you'll need an approved commercial account on Once that's done ask your

commercial container trading

representative where you can download a copy of the CSV template. Using the given format, load in the required information and import the file using the "Import" icon on the commercial trading platform (this may be either on or on your white label system). Once the listings are imported you'll be able to review them, make any necessary changes, and add any relevant files or pictures to the listing. Clicks approve, and everything will go live.

Bulk Buying/Selling of New and Used Shipping Containers

Buying and selling one or 16 shipping containers just got easier. Registered sellers now have the ability to create one listing, either auction or marketplace, for any number of containers; while still maximizing the price.

Multiple Shipping Container Auction Listing

To use this new feature you'll need to check the "Multibid" box when creating your listing. This option replaces the "Multilist" option, while serving a similar purpose but making the process easier and more functional.

If you create a Multilist auction listing with 25 containers, bidders have the ability to bid on any number of containers, up to 25. If bidder "A" bids the highest price for one container, and bidder "B" bids the next highest amount for 10 containers, bidder "A" will win one unit at their offered price, and bidder "B" will win 10 units at their offered price. Provided the reserve is met, all the remaining bids will be logged in order of highest amount and fill out the remaining 14 containers.

commercial shipping container auction

Multiple Shipping Container Sale Listing

Selling containers with the multilist function allows sellers to create one listing of multiple containers, at a fixed price, and buyers can purchase units out of that listing while it is active. This reduces the number of listings a seller needs to create, and allows buyers the flexibility to purchase any number of available containers. specializes in software packages that connect buyers and sellers of all types of new, used, and one trip shipping containers. We work with sellers of all sizes, ranging from small trading operations to multinational shipping and leasing companies. To find out if we have a solution that can help your organization sell containers more cost effectively contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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