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Controlled Atmosphere Shipping Containers

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Sometimes, a standard refrigerated container just doesn't cut it. Frozen foods, like tuna and shrimp, or pharmaceuticals are much more tolerant than fresh fruits and vegetables; and the timing of the logistics greatly impacts the shelf life, so by creating a better shipping environment the life of the product extends.

If you live in a major city and enjoy fresh foods you may have never thought of where the food comes from and how it go to you. Walk through any grocery store in central London and you're likely to see produce from Germany or Spain, in China you'll see Washington state apples.  A great amount of engineering and planning has gone into getting fresh fruit around the world to markets that may not have access to it due to overall climate or seasonal availabilities.

Freezing a product greatly slows the aging and decaying process, but have you ever tried to freeze a strawberry or an avocado? It just doesn't work. Many people don't realize that many types of produce are picked before they are completely ripe, then continue to ripen on their way to grocery store; keep in mind that grocery store may be in another city or even another country.

Standard refrigerated shipping containers were designed similar to the refrigerator in your house, which works well but provides no air circulation. As produce in the container continues to ripen it consumes oxygen and carbon dioxide and ethylene gas, also giving off heat and moisture. Controlled atmosphere refrigerated containers take this into consideration and monitor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and various other factors and circulate the air and actively manage the air quality inside of the container, providing fresher produce, a longer shelf life, and more profitability through less spoilage.


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To learn more about various shipping lines controlled atmosphere refrigerated containers, check out these lines:

Refrigerated containers are popular storage units, however it's important to note that they do require a three phase power supply, something most residential buildings don't have.

Shipping lines and leasing companies commonly have refrigerated shipping containers for sale on, but they aren't as widely available as standard shipping containers. Search here to find refrigerated containers for sale, or contact a seller in your area to see if any are available.

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