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Creative Ways to Move a Shipping Container

19.08.2019 - Posted by Updated On 19.08.2019    

Once a shipping container is dropped on site, it's not very easy to move it around. Even just a few inches is nearly impossible due to the weight and size of the container. That being said, some very ingenious people have come up with clever ways to move a shipping container without having a forklift or crane on site.

Container Skates

Shipping container skates are a composite plastic material that can be placed under the corner castings of the container when it's put in place. Once in place the container can't be pushed around by hand, but it can be moved by connecting the corner casting to a car or tractor, then pulled into a new position. The only catch is that the container must be on a paved or concrete surface and they don't work well on the natural ground.

Tilt Bed Trailer

Using a tilt bed trailer to move a container is probably the most popular way to move a shipping container when there is no forklift or crane available. Simply chain up to the corner castings and lift the end of the container, place a block under the end, and then back your trailer under it lifting the container onto the truck.


Skid Loader and Rollers

A customer that we recently spoke with told us they were successful moving a container with nothing more than a skid loader and a round wooden log. It wasn't the fastest way to move the container, but with limited resources and space it surely got the job done. Start by lifting up the end of the container with the skid loader bucket, roll the round wooden log or rod underneath, lower the bucket and back away. Once there's ample space, chain up to the container and back the loader away pulling the container and allowing it to roll to the new location. doesn't provide container moving services, however many of the sellers active on the marketplace either have their own trucks, or work with local contractors that are able to help move them. To inquire about a specific shipping container for sale follow the link on the listing page. For general container questions or how to get started please contact the staff directly.

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