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Current Shipping Container Supply Outlook – August 2020 – Covid-19

03.08.2020 - Posted by Updated On 03.08.2020    

As the world still sits largely in some form of lock down, the supply of new and used shipping containers is still being choked due to the inhibitors to international trade. East-west container supply has slowed dramatically, and shipping lines and container leasing companies on both sides of the Pacific have taken measures to manage their fleets as effectively as possible. Due to this, both new and used, 20' and 40' containers have decreased in supply.

Used Shipping Container Supply

Many of the used 20' and 40', both high cube and standard, shipping container supply has been picked up by shipping lines to maintain their fleets for any potential needs. There are countless containers held up in the ports around the world due to incoming shipments and outgoing deliveries. Due to this slowdown, sales of used containers have slowed dramatically.

New Shipping Container Supply

The shipping lines moving products from China/Asia to the United States have prioritized moving their own boxes and not as many one trip (new) containers, unless there's excess capacity. This has caused the new container supply in the US and Canada to tighten up a little for the foreseeable future. This isn't to say there are no new containers available, but there will be fewer new containers on the market until we get through this issue. is committed to supplying end users with the best containers available, at the best price; and the latest information. If you have any questions regarding an overview of the available inventory in the current marketplace please contact our office via email ( and a representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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