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Custom Container Parts and Components Manufacturing

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Shipping containers are quick and cost effective building blocks for all types of structures and projects; and can typically be used as a stand-alone solution for storage companies and on-site units for both commercial and retail storage. However, with a few modifications and simple adjustments clients and customers can get a lot more use out of their containers, for a nominal cost. Our parts company, manufactures bolt on lock boxes, large container vents, and hanging shelving and sells to both wholesale and retail buyers, and we have the capacity to produce custom parts as well.

Custom Container Parts

If you have the design, or the idea, chances are that it can be produced at our shop in south central Pennsylvania. Our team is skilled at all things involving metal production from large farming implements to simple devise like our bolt on lock box.

Laser Cutting, Welding and Assembly

Once the product is designed and a prototype has been built and approved, the product goes into full production. For our lock boxes and vents, this means they are sent to the laser cutter to have the pieces cut. Laser cutting is faster than cutting the parts by hand, and provides pieces that are 100% consistent in terms of size and shape. Once the parts are all cut they are welded together to complete the raw product. raw lock box

Sand Blasting and Powder Coating

Once all of the products assembled, they must be sand blasted to remove any scratches or imperfections in the metal. Basically, it cleans the surface and creates and clean surface which the paint or powder coating can be easily applied and look good. Once the products are sand blasted they must be painted shortly thereafter. If the product is not painted quickly (<2 days) it will rust at a much faster rate. prefers to powder coat all products because it creates a clean, smooth, attractive surface that his highly resistant to rust and doesn’t need a final coat of paint, but one can be applied easily. If the end user wants to paint the component a different color we advise using a low grit sand paper to scuff the surface prior to applying the final cost of paint. painted lock box


container lock box delivery currently produces hanging shelves for shipping containers, bolt on lock boxes, and container vents; and in the past custom orders of pipe shelving and door and window frames have been produced. If you have an idea or a need for manufacturing for a container part please contact to discuss pricing, minimum orders, and production lead time.

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