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Delivering a Shipping Container to a Residential Address

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Having a shipping container delivered to a residential address can be substantially different than having one delivered to a commercial location, primarily due to the fact that most commercial locations will have a forklift or crane on site while residential locations typically do not. With this in mind, some extra tasks may be required when preparing a residential location for a shipping container delivery. The main tasks are preparing the location, clearing the path, and making sure the weather is suitable on the delivery day.

Clearing the Path

Depending on where the container is being delivered and the size of the truck and trailer, space may be a problem when having the container delivered. At the very least, there must be enough space for the truck and a 20' trailer, so approximately 60 feet of direct space. If the container is being delivered with a large tractor trailer then substantially more space will be required. Before the container is delivered ask the driver what type of truck and trailer will be dropping off the container and how much straight space will be required. The need for additional space is due to the trailer being pulled out from underneath the container.



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Preparing the Location

Before the shipping container is delivered the area where the container is going to be positioned should be cleared off and leveled. Ideally, there will be some type of foundation for the container, but at the very least the area needs to be level and the soil must be compacted. If the ground isn't level, over time the container may not sit squarely and the doors may not open properly. This could also lead to premature corrosion and cracking of paint and any welded seams. If the ground isn't compacted the container may gradually fall out of square.

Weather and Location Conditions

If the shipping container is being delivered to a paved area the weather and environmental conditions shouldn't be an issue, however if the container is being delivered to a field, grassy, or area that's only soil the weather can become a big factor in the success or failure of the delivery process. A 20' shipping container weighs just under 5,000 pounds, and a 40' high cube container weighs just under 7,000 pounds; add in the truck and trailer and any damp or muddy ground could mean the truck will not only slide but possibly sink and get stuck, leaving the additional cost of having the truck pulled out and the delivery to be rescheduled for another time. doesn't delivery shipping containers and storage containers, but the sellers listed on the site do either deliver them or have local contacts that can assist in the delivery. To learn if a shipping container can be delivered to your residential location on a tilt bed trailer, search for a shipping container for sale in or near your area and contact the seller directly through the listing page.

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