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Double Door Shipping Containers Provide Access on Both Ends

01.10.2023 - Posted by Updated On 01.10.2023    

Standard shipping containers make great transportation components and storage units, however if you're storing items that you access on a frequent basis, or large items that need to be backed in/out of the container, you'll probably find that having an extra set of doors on the opposite end would be very helpful – enter the double door shipping container. Depending on where you are located, double door containers are sometimes called "tunnel containers", or "tunnel-tainers".

Standard Shipping Container Design

A standard shipping container, either 20' or 40', comes with one set of doors on one end of the container. Due to the costs involved and how the shipping container is used, it doesn't make sense for a shipping line to add a second set of doors to the front wall of the container. Over the life of the container all of the goods are loaded into, and taken out of the container, on one side.

Double Door Shipping Container Design

A double door shipping container comes in both 20' and 40' lengths, and has a second set of doors on the front end of the container. Both sets of doors are designed and operate the same way, two doors on each end, each swinging out. The value of second set of doors can be highlighted in two scenarios: 1) It means that you no longer have to create an aisle running the entire 20' or 40' of the container. You can open up the end where the desired items are stored and access them more quickly, while increasing your overall storage space.

double door shipping container
2) If you are storing a car, ATV, tractor, snowmobile, or other mobile toy, you don't need to worry about putting it into reverse and backing out. You can drive in one set of doors, open the other end, and drive straight out.

Age and Condition of a Double Door Container

Nearly every double door container sold on is a new, or one trip container. As with any one trip container, the paint will be fresh both inside and out, and there will be no damage to the container itself. It's important to note that due to the trip across the ocean it may have a scratch or ding, but it should have no other damage to it. Also, it should be equipped with a lock box on both ends to provide extra security for the unit.

Price Consideration of a Double Door Container

Double door containers do cost more than a standard 20' or 40' shipping container; however given the labor and material costs involved with modifying a new or used container to have a second set of doors it's comparable, if not cheaper to buy a double door. Material and repairs, lock boxes, paint, and the associated labor costs can be expensive.

How to Find a Double Door Container

If you've decided that a double door is the right unit for you, search for either 20' containers or 40' containers on, and any available double door units will be listed and highlighted as such. If you're unable to find any in your location feel free to contact us and we will check with our sellers to see if any additional inventory is available.

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