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Factors That Impact Shipping Container Prices

28.09.2018 - Posted by Updated On 28.09.2018    

The price of new and used shipping typically fluctuates with the market. Pricing can be impacted by several different factors, and the heaviest factors for used shipping container pricing are condition, location, and container size.

Shipping Container Condition

While most shipping containers sold out of the fleets of steam ship lines and leasing companies are cargo worthy, many companies classify them as “wind and water tight” to be conservative. If the container is going to be used for overseas shipping it can usually be repaired and recertified without too much effort. If a container is being sold “as is” it should be less expensive and may have condition issues, and if you’re able to inspect a container in this condition before buying it that’s definitely recommended.

Overall, you can expect the price of a shipping container to be most impacted by condition at three levels of age: New (one trip), used (12-15 years), and as is, where is.

Location of the Shipping Container

The location of a shipping container also has an impact on the price. Containers in coastal cities like Newark, Savannah, or Los Angeles are typically priced less than shipping containers in places like Omaha or Denver. The simple logic being that someone has had to pay to move the containers to this location and the cost is passed on to the next buyer.

used shipping container prices

Shipping Container Size

Shipping container size can have less of an impact on price than most people expect. The obvious conclusion would be that a 40’ container costs twice as much as a 20’ container, but this isn’t usually the case. Depending on market supply and demand, there are some times when a 20’ container costs the same as a 40’ container. Typically, a 40’ container will cost 30-40% more than a 20’ container. Labor costs are nearly the same, so the difference comes from the materials cost for the sides of the unit. is an online marketplace for new and used shipping containers of all standard, ISO, sizes. If you have a question about a specific container feel free to contact the seller directly through the listing page, or if you have a general question about containers you're welcome to contact directly.

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