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Finding a Used Shipping Container for Sale

09.05.2021 - Posted by Updated On 09.05.2021    

The price of used shipping containers tends to fluctuate on a somewhat regular basis.

The prices are tied to available inventory, production costs, location, and most certainly condition. However, when you're starting to shop for a used shipping container you'll want to consider the following things


1. Will you need the container to be delivered to you? If so, this will add to the total cost. Whether you arrange and pay for the delivery directly, or the company selling you the container arranges it, in most cases delivery is not included in the initial price quote.

used shipping container

2. Do you need help unloading the used shipping container? If so, it will require a special type of truck. Depending on availability, this may add a little more to the delivery cost.

3. Cheap shipping containers exist, but the definition of cheap varies greatly. If you find a used shipping container for under $1000, I'd be careful to inspect the shipping container closely. It could have rust, dents, or even holes in the skin. Unless you're ready to commit some time and energy to repairing your container, it's best to find one that's at least in wind and water tight condition.

4. If you're shopping for a special type of shipping container, say a 20' high cube container, or some other type of shipping container that's not a 20' or 40' standard, it's advised to not wait until the last minute. Certain types of containers tend to collect in certain areas, and they tend to sell quickly.

5. Conversely, if you don't need a shipping container within the next two or three weeks and probably won't purchase it until then, the inventory at the container depot or terminal will probably change. Any changes in the container inventory could have an impact on the price of the container.

Buying a used shipping container isn't as complicated as buying a car, or even an iPhone for that matter. A shipping container is a simple steel box, with the occasional features that can be added on. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the staff at They'll be happy to provide any insight whether you're buying through the site or not.

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