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Food Grade Shipping and Storage Containers

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Shipping containers spend their lives carrying all types of products, ranging from commercial and residential goods to food products. Tank containers aside, which are commonly used to transport edible oils and even wines, most all types of food are transported in refrigerated shipping containers.

Food Grade Shipping Container Sizes for Industrial/Transportation Use

Shipping containers that transport food are typically segregated from other shipping containers. The fact that refrigerated containers are a specialty type of equipment and must be handled differently anyway makes this easier. However great care must be taken to avoid contamination. Most companies using refrigerated shipping containers to transport food products own the containers, or have them on a long term lease. This allows the company, or shipper, to control what is carried in the containers, as well as maintenance practices and cleaning procedures.

Food Grade Shipping Containers for Commercial Storage

Companies like restaurants looking for refrigerated containers for long term or seasonal storage regularly purchase used refrigerated shipping containers to put onsite and fill as needed. Unlike a traditional freezer, they can be powered up and down as needed and often located offsite and moved around as their demand expands to contracts.

Two things to consider if your company is looking to purchase reefers for food storage, refrigerated containers require three phase power so a traditional extension cord to power the unit won't do the trick. You'll need a heavy duty power source to keep the generators running. The second item is that you may not be able to get a life time manifest of everything that the container carried, so you'll want to clean it thoroughly before using it. That being said, most likely things storage in the reefer will be packed, frozen goods and they won't come into contact with the container itself. is an online trading place for new and used shipping containers, both dry and refrigerated, around the world. You're welcome to search the online platform and learn what containers are available in your area, and if you can't find any near you please complete the online request form and a registered seller will contact you directly.

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