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Food Grade Shipping Containers

27.06.2015 - Posted by Updated On 27.06.2015    

Bulk foods, such as rice and flour, are ideal for packing on a pallet and loading into a shipping container for transport; but did you know that wine and bananas are also transported in shipping containers? Many different types of foods are moved into containers, and this requires a special grade of container. The container doesn’t necessarily have to be a certain size, but it needs to be one that has never transported any toxic chemicals or products. The food itself doesn’t come into direct contact with the container as it’s packed in bags, barrels or crates, but with all of the contamination risk involved and potential lives at risk logistics companies and shipping lines won’t take any unnecessary risk.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Food and Wine

Any food products sensitive to heat or cold must be transported in an extremely clean, refrigerated shipping containers. For example, wine being transported from a non-wide producing country like Singapore must be shipping in a controlled environment or the entire load will be sacrificed in the heat. Bananas are also moved from South America all over the world in refrigerated shipping containers.

Food grade shipping containers aren’t as common as standard shipping containers, but they are available in most ports around the world. However, they do come at a premium price. Shipping lines must take extra caution not to integrate the containers into normal circulation and track their location and position on the ship with greater care.

To purchase food grade containers contact any of the suppliers listed on and specifically request this condition. Unless containers are otherwise labeled they are probably not certified. is an online marketplace and SaaS for trading shipping containers around the United States and throughout the world.

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