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Fresh Pizza, Now Served in a Can

01.07.2012 - Posted by Updated On 01.07.2012    

Since the early days of pizza, it’s been served in mostly traditional ways: on the baking pan if you’re eating it at the restaurant or in a box if you’re taking it home.  Well, one San Francisco based company is providing another option: pizza served from a can.

Before your imagination takes over, this pizza isn’t only served out of a can, or more accurately a modified shipping container, it’s prepared in the can also.

Del Popolo’s Pizza Truck is a 20’ shipping container on the back of a Freightliner Truck.  But this isn’t just any pizza truck; Del Popolo’s went all out.  Forget your traditional pizza oven, they opted to build wood burning oven to produce their pizza creations.  Along with the oven, they replaced the entire serving side of the container with a glass wall to show off the operation.  And to give the service a more personal touch, they’ve created a serving area that allows the wait staff to be eye level with their.

What would possess someone to open a mobile pizzeria?  The idea came after Jon Darsky grew tired of searching for the idea place to open a restaurant.  Having not passed the California bar exam, the once aspiring attorney opted for his second passion, pizza.  $180,000 later, he was in business.

If you’re interested in trying out a pizza from Del Popolo, they update their location regularly through their Twitter account:

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