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Great Deals on Cargo Containers in Baltimore and San Francisco

16.07.2012 - Posted by Updated On 16.07.2012    

This month has some great offers on new and used cargo containers in both Baltimore and San Francisco.

There are new, one trip cargo containers in Baltimore which are due to arrive in early September 2012.  These containers are true one trip boxes and in new condition.  They can be purchased for $3100/unit, or bidding starts at $2950/unit.  It you need multiple units the seller may be able to provide a discounted price.  These containers are expected to sell quickly, so if you have any questions please contact the seller through the listing page.  Note that this price does not include delivery, however if you purchase them in advance and have the proper equipment to unload them we may be able to have them delivered to your location.

Also on featured offer this week are used cargo containers in Oakland/San Francisco.  The containers are wind and water tight and in good working order.  Individual containers are priced at $1750/unit, but there are discounts for purchasing several units.  If you need extra storage space or the structure for a container conversion project these containers could be a great way to get your project started.  The containers are currently in the depot and ready for purchase.  Again, container delivery is not included in the price, but a quote can be provided.

Along with the featured containers in Baltimore and San Francisco has great deals on new and used cargo containers throughout Texas, Florida, California, and other parts of the United States.  No matter where you need a container, chances are one of the sellers on has one available.

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