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Guide to Buy Shipping Containers Online: Auction or Sale

30.12.2012 - Posted by Updated On 30.12.2012    

Buying a new or used shipping container on is quick, easy, and very straightforward. provides a platform to purchase containers for both large and small volume buyers and traders. No matter if you’re planning on purchasing one container to use as a portable storage unit, or you’re trading a high volume containers on a regular basis, there are features of the platform that will make your transaction successful.

First, if you’re planning on buying a shipping container it’s required to have a registered account on the site. Having a registered account gives you direct access to all sellers with containers listed for sale or auction on the website. Registering your account requires no commitment, no credit card, and can be completed in less than one minute.

Once you find a shipping container for sale that meets your requirements, you can either purchase the container directly or ask the seller any questions that you might have regarding the container. Some of the most typical questions that sellers see are relating to delivery assistance, specific condition needs, and the ability to modify the container or have it painted a new color. To reduce confusion, each container listing has a “contact” button that allows you to reach the seller specifically about the container listed for sale. If you’re satisfied that you have all information that you need you can purchase the container. Once you purchase the container, both you and the seller will receive a notification from the website, and invoices are generated and emailed once daily at 12:00 GMT.

Once payment has been remitted as per the remittance information on the invoice, the seller will provide you with a release code that is needed when you, or your delivery driver, collect the container from the depot or storage lot.

As with any transaction, there are common questions and issues to address. Some of the most common issues to address when buying a shipping container are:

  • How will the container be delivered? Will you arrange this, or will you require some assistance from the seller?
  • Do you have a forklift on site, or will you need the container delivered on roll-off style truck?
  • Where will the container sit? Will it be on a foundation, directly on the ground, or do you have some other area where the container will need to be dropped?
  • Is there ample room for a delivery truck to navigate around?
  • Do you need a lock box installed on the container?

If you’ve never purchased c container before, or aren’t familiar with our process, the staff and our sellers are always available to help with any questions that you may have and you’re welcome to contact us with any questions during any stage of the process.

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