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How to Bid/Buy Shipping Containers on Container Auctions

28.12.2014 - Posted by Updated On 28.12.2014    

Starting in January 2015, will be making it easier to buy and bid on multiple unit shipping container listings on the container auction platform. For buyers who purchase multiple shipping containers at one time, or individuals looking to get the best deal on the equipment they need, a reliable and easy to use solution will soon be in place. Shipping lines, leasing companies, and other container traders will be able to leverage the new features built into the software platform to provide the best containers, at the best possible price.

How it Works for Buyers

Once logged in, commercial and wholesale buyers have the ability to bid on, and buy, listings for multiple shipping containers. The listings appear similar to standard single unit listings; however, if the equipment count on the listing is more than one and the “multibid” option is activated buyers, can make an offer on any number of containers included in the listing. For example: If an auction listing is for 10x 20' shipping containers and bidder 1 offers $2000 for one unit, and bidder 2 offers $1500 for 5 units, the first six units would be sold at the close of the auction for 1x at $2000, and 5x at $1500. shipping container listing

How it Works for Sellers

Sellers can create a single listing for multiple shipping containers of the same type, and allow potential buyers to bid on one, or all units attached to the listing. Sellers can also offer discounts for larger purchases, or other offers specific to wholesale buyers that can manage the after sale services themselves (maintenance and repairs, trucking and delivery, etc.). This system streamlines the bidding process that many sellers use by providing an efficient software application that manages the bidding process, either publicly or on a white label platform. sell shipping containers

Shipping Container Trading Software

The new features on are available both through the commercial container trading platform and through a white label trading software as a service platform. No matter if you trade 10-20 containers per month, or 1000's of container per month, a representative will work to understand the needs of your company and provide you with the best possible solution that meets the needs of your organization and maximizes the benefits in both cost savings and revenue generation. has been in business since 2010, and has been helping companies and individuals find the best equipment at the best prices for over four years. Solutions are available to buyers and sellers of all sizes, and all budgets. To learn more about how you can leverage either the retail or commercial software services contact our staff today at 307-222-9085, or email

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