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How to Build a Shipping Container Pool

26.11.2014 - Posted by Updated On 26.11.2014    

As the chill of winter creeps, it only seems fitting to turn to warmer thoughts of sunny beaches, the smell of the barbeque, and sitting next to a shipping container pool. Wait, what… a shipping container pool? As container modifications come into the portable storage and modular building markets, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to convert a shipping container into a pool. At around 8' tall, and 20' to 40' in length, a converted shipping container can make a great exercise lap pool or party spot.

Building a Container Pool

  • Planning Permission: Just like any other building or container related project, check with the local authorities on pool size, depth, decking and fencing, and any other restrictions that might be relevant to your area.
  • Insurance: Does your home owners insurance have any restrictions on pools? The last think you want is to have your insurance invalidated!
  • Engineering Expertise: Filling a shipping container with water puts a lot of pressure on the inside of the shell, just like burying a shipping container puts a lot of stress on the outside of a container. Consult with a structural engineer to make sure the proper framing is left in place to support the amount of water that the pool will hold.
  • Depth and Diving: An 8' deep pool will be too deep for most people, so you'll need to work with the engineer to decide on the ideal height of the shipping container, and depth of the pool. If any cuts are made to the steel it's imperative to cap off any of those areas to cover any sharp edges.
  • Watertight seals and pool liners: The walls and floor of a container are designed to be water tight, but filling the unit with water will put a lot of additional stress on the frame. The container seams and corners will need to be welded strong enough to support the weight of the water, and the inside of the pool will need to be lined with steel or some type of durable pool liner to keep the water inside the pool.
  • Pumps and Filtration: As with any pool, the water will need to have some type of filtration system to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. A local pool supply store will have the supplies and expertise to help with this.

Unless you're a structural engineer with a back ground in landscape architecture and pool mechanics, undertaking the task of converting a shipping container into a swimming pool could be a big job. can help you to find a solid, inexpensive shipping container; but you'll want to consult with a local expert to get the other details designed and set into place.

Shipping Container Pool Design Examples

TAXI Shipping Container Pool, Denver Colorado

TAXI is a mixed use development project off Brighton Boulevard in Denver, CO. The pool was built on site to be used by the office and residential tenants on the property and it's a great example of how to do a container pool. The pool is 80' long (2x 40' containers welded together), with a deck on each side and changing facilities underneath. The shallow end of the pool is 4', and the deep end is 7.5'.


Tommy Hilfiger Container Pool, Berlin Germany

During the Bread and Butter fashion show back in 2011, Tommy Hilfiger built and entire structure out of shipping containers, including a pool. The entire structure was covered with well-placed product and pictures of models, and the shipping container pool, complete with a glass side, was front and center. The pool was made of 1x 40' container, cut straight to around 4' tall, with decking on one side.

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